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Songs that tell a story are always the best. They are easy to sing and remember the lyrics because you simply tell the story.
I have spent many years collecting lyrics for my song books.
via pen'N'paper, word processing, computer using PDFs to access lyrics to my songs Via computer and iPads even via cloud technologyies

These days it is so easy to find the lyrics and chords to any song simply by using the internet and searching for the song name or artist name and ( or Chords, Cover, Lesson, Tips etc).

Simply Google the name of any song + use the word "Lyrics" in your search and presto, the magic of the internet will have you singing the lyrics in no time.

Start a collection of lyrics for your favourite songs especially if you plan to learn guitar or piano. I have a copy of the lyrics and suggested guitar chords to all of the songs in my repertoire and I would be happy to share them with you via an email.

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