Mike Mathews






So you're thinking about Learning Harmonica

Only 10 holes to Draw (suck) or Blow through.

Information about the Keys (12 keys) available plus now also in lower and higher octave tunings. and the different Positions that you can play on Harmonica.

Honer is my favourite brand of Harmonica

Some other popular brands include:
Lee Oscar, Suzuki, Bushman.

There are a variety of styles for playing diatonic harmonicas which are often referred to as positions.

These are one of the few instruments that you can fit in your pocket, are easy to play and sound amazing with a guitar when played in the right Key and Position.


One of my Australian harmonica heros would be Juzzie Smith.
He is a one man band playing guitars , percussion, digeridoo
as well as the meanest harmonica riffs you will ever hear.
Check his website out at http://www.juzziesmith.com.au